Are Blogs and Articles Really Beneficial To Me As an Online Business Entrepreneur?

If your product answers someone’s need, this is the best way that people know that your product is on the market, whether it be storefront or on the internet.

Even if you outsource your blogs and articles, the traffic you get to your online business can still be considered as almost free, depending on the traffic you are getting! Think about this concept and see if you can agree with me.

Is there a better way to advertise your business?

Truthfully speaking, people want questions answered, and if they can’t find the answers, they give up quite easily sometimes. If you can answer that question through blogs and/or articles, you have their business as well as their loyalty.

Don’t get me wrong, blogs and/or articles won’t give you the results you desire overnight – it takes time like anything else.

At the same time, while you are writing your blogs and articles, don’t you feel that you are doing something constructive? You should feel that you are working towards your own personal goal as an online business entrepreneur.

I also acknowledge that sometimes, depending on the amount of articles/blogs the business entrepreneur writes or outsources, a new idea can get pretty scarce. If this occurs, put on your thinking cap – do some research for your product or service that you are offering.

When people like your blog or article, they’ll tell others or add you to their bookmarks. Some will mention it in blogs and/or mention it to their friends in emails or even give others the link to the source. This helps any online business in the free advertising world of online marketing.

Articles definitely build your credibility. The more articles you have out there, the more credible you look.

The more people who see your articles or blogs, the more likely they are to pass that helpful information on to others. They may (hopefully) read it on a website, and pass it onto others. It works. You generally get a huge word-of-mouth marketing and viral effect from blogs and articles which is what any marketer is striving for these days.

Now, once people show up at your site, they’re predisposed to buy from you because they’ve seen what you’ve already written; they like it, and they’ve gone to the trouble of clicking on the “about the author” link.

When they read your article, they’re in information mode, and their sales resistance is down.

You’re telling them about important things in a subtle way, and then you close subtly by sending them to your website.

What more can you ask for when it’s free, except for your time?

Truthfully, if you take the time to blog or article on a regular basis, the results will surprise you as a marketer.

Do you still think that blogs or articles are not worth your time as an online business entrepreneur?

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