Retire on Mexico Beachfront Real Estate – Less Than $65,000

Are you starting think about your retirement? Maybe it’s still a few years down the road, but you want to make sure you find the best place, and, of course, for the best price. Consider this possibility; you can live in Mexico on the beachfront in your dream home that you yourself had designed.You think you can’t afford beachfront property? What about $64,900 U.S for a lot with 33 ft of beachfront, and 1320 ft deep? This cheap Mexico beachfront real estate is in the state of Campeche, on the Yucatan Peninsula. These particular lots are 45 minutes away from one of cleanest, safest, and most beautifully restored colonial cities that exist, the state capital, of the same name. A number of colonial towns nearby are investing in renovating their downtown and beachfront area, with new boardwalks. These very features are not only drawing more tourists, but are promising to create one of the newest Mexico retirement communities on the beachfront.With 45 minutes of the lots there are two international airports, a golf course (with another one on the way), a marina under construction, modern health care facilities, and new, large American stores, such as Walmart, and a number of similar Mexican stores. The closest village, about 5-10 minutes away, has a new modern hospital as well. Electric, water, phone and internet connections are currently being installed for the lots. It’s rare to find a Mexico property opportunity which combines all of this at such a good price.This particular opportunity arose because the state of Campeche is currently one of Mexico’s top up-and-coming tourism hot-spots (hence all the investment and improvements). Because of the newness of the development in the area, prices are still very low, and these particular lots offer competitive prices even compared to others. As Campeche becomes more popular, land prices will also rise.The cost of living is also cheap. Prices in Mexico are considerably lower than in the U.S, for everything from bread, to health care (estimated to be as much as 70% lower.) A new proposal from the Mexican government to have Medicare cover hospitals in Mexico would also be big plus for retirement budgeting.If you are planning for your retirement, the best move is to buy a lot like these ones now. As time goes on, even more services will appear in Campeche. Once you complete your home, (which you can have built for only another $100,000 U.S.) you will be able to enjoy it as a vacation home. Some buyers have already been enjoying their lots pitching tents to enjoy the refreshing breeze. The day retirement comes, you’ll be ready to enjoy it in your dream home on the; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely